Hydraulic Variable Vane Pump VPVC-F40-A3-02 - SG011566

Hydraulic Vane Pump

Yang Part# SG011566

Hidraman Hydraulic Vane Pump


Shaft Diameter 19mm


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BMV 1050, BMV 1060, BMV 1000, BMV 1100,BMV 1500, BMV 1600, KL-21, CK-1, CK-1A, CK-2, CK-2A, CK-3A, CK-3B, CK-5A, CL-40, CL-1628, CL-1640, CNC-3A, , CNC5A, HSMC-400, HSMC-650, MH-400, MH-630, ML-15A, ML-25A, ML-28A, ML-55A, ML-60A/W, ML-300, MV-3A, MV-3A/S, MV-5A, SL-12, SML-30, SMT-500, SMH-450, SMV-600, SML-12, SML-20, SMV-600, SMV-1000, SV-1000A and engine lathes.

  • Item #: SG011566

Hydraulic Variable Vane Pump VPVC-F40-A3-02 - SG011566

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